The following photos were taken by one the spot photog Wade "Peter Parker" Busby, as our usual PR guy Wally "Jimmy Olsen" Lowe was delayed by rain and could not make it the next day!!.

1) Wade's (his words)" My lame table space at the Jam... lol", 2) Hey look! It's Alex Nino!, 3) Michael Marcus and George McVey of HIM, 4) David Branstetter, 5) Steve "Son of Doc" Boucher and his friend and Jam volunteer Dan Fox, 6) Terry Pavlet and Alex Nino, 7) Liz and Shawnti working, 0) Liz and Shawnti posing!.

1) Alan Evans of Rival Angels, "Albone" from the chats not too long ago, 2) Inter-"Expanded Universe" Conflict...3) Gift from Liz and Shawnti, "Chat Post Monkey", 4) Affectionate monkey, 5) Not that affectionate...!, 6) Liz and Shawnti's Subway order. Terry Pavlet and I went on a food run, 7) Krista and DOC's order, 8) Co-conspirator in the Jam, Wally Lowe!

1) Nino meets Nino... and the universe survives...! 2) A provocative Shawnti pose. 3) Liz, Shawnti, and I at Applebee's...! 4) A simple table locator became permanent. 5) The official t-shirt! 6) Alex and Steve (kinda sounds like misheard lyrics of "Our Lips Are Sealed" by the Go-Gos, "Alex the Seal"). 7) Alex and Dan.

1) Cocoa Pebbles! 2) Mmmm... Cocoa Pebbles! 3) NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM 4) Jim Engel and Alex Nino.! 5) DOC, Shawnti in the background and the silent auction table. 6) Batman: Shawnti's my new chum now. Nightwing: Wha...? 7) Jim Engel, Krista Hanley, and DOC at the IF award for Jim Hanley. 8) Doug Rice.

1) 2) Presentation of the award. 3) The award itself. 4) Wade Busby and Russ Maheras. 5) Happy Birthday [insert their name here]... 6) Alex Nino in back, George McVey on the chat, and Liz at her 30th BDay party. 7) DOC and Shawnti, who either is or is attempting to get on the chat. 8) Michael Marcus. "Guys... I need a moment... ZZZzzzzzzzzzughhzzzzzz..."

NEXT we have the Star Wars take on The Jam through photos!

These are several shots around the star wars table, which held their raffle prizes. The little boy in the blue is Nino's son, Lil Nino. Now the boy in the blue sports jersey, I think was making some sort of Star wars effect with the can.

The next round of shots were an inter-galactic/multiverse 'Jail and Bail" where Darth and 501st Battalion are arresting Star Fleet officers of the USS Chicago and visa versa. I was getting a head ache keeping track!

This round of shots were taken during the raffle, where this white faced fellow, his brightly colored domino masked companion (more about them in the next round of shots) and Missy Piscione of Kaosfield Studios pulled the winning tickets like the lucky Rebellion fighter won this great outfit. Poor Steve Piscione was not able to participate as he was jailed.

This last set of photos are my favorites as the white faced fellow and his brightly dressed companion had been making a spectacle of them selves most of The Jam so it was time to lock 'em up. What a pair of Jokesters. Hahahahahahahahahah!

1) Wade and Dan talking, 2) wade still finishing up them Pebbles "Yabba-Dabba-Doosie!" 3) The Trinity, 4) Dave Gruba and Rene Castellano's table, 5) Dave and Frank Fosco with Frank's version of White Knife, 6) The ever glowing Shawnti, 7) Wade taking a picture of me taking a picture of him, 8) George and Liz chatting on SPA forum